Measuring equipment

To increase the achievement, requires perfection in the manufacturing. This means above all: precision. To guarantee accuracy, measuring instruments and machine components are demanded, which offer lasting process security.

50 years of experience taught us that this is only guaranteed via devices, which are both high-quality processed and robustly built. Material characteristics and surface quality of the mechanics have large influence on accuracy and stability. The PAV offers calliper gauges, micrometers and special measuring instruments for individual manufacturing as well as for large series. In addition the PAV offers broad engineering for manual and automatic special measuring instruments.

In the prototype construction we are since many years reliable partners of well-known European automotive labels and machine manufacturers. Concerning the manufacturing of gauges, devices and special tools the maximum challenge is also our main business. Due to the PAV support you receive each PAV product automatically with calibration certificate. And you can be sure ? when it comes to the crunch ? that PAV is available to answer questions and to solve problems plus that the spare parts are on hand. We consider quality and quality management in the general context of the business success of our customers. Therefore our internationally recognized SCS calibration department is a clear indication ? and a helpful partner for our customers on their way to the ISO-9000 certification.

You can count on PAV regarding products & services! For good reasons we enjoy a good reputation to provide only highest precision and perfect quality of workmanship. In this way PAV contributes to bring to perfection the customers? products and to make many things of the everyday life simpler, more beautiful and more valuable.

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